About Us

Established to fill a gap in the not-for-profit sector, we provide assistance and advice to a range of vocational and special interest associations and charities.  Performing a connecting role; we aim to link organisations with similar aims and needs, enabling them to share resources and increase effectiveness.   

The idea of a Trust to assist volunteers and those working in the non-profit sector was formed in early 2000. At this stage a small number of career association executives with a wide and varied experience, were increasingly asked by less experienced colleagues for their advice. As the demand for information and assistance grew, the need arose to find a more structured approach to the delivery process.  

Our efforts were invigorated in 2010 as we clearly defined the aims of the NZARCT:  
  • To regularly communicate with key stakeholders within the non-profit sector to identify common issues that the sector is facing 
  • To respond to needs that our subscribers have either by directing to them to existing agencies that may be able to provide assistance or source assistance on their behalf 
  • Connect similar organizations for collective learning and networking 
  • Develop specific programmes and forums for increasing capability and capacity 
  • Support and partner NFP stakeholders  
  • Partner with contributors committed to develop in the NFP space  

Our Vision:  
  • To be New Zealand's leading motivator for collective and charitable organisations in providing support, advice and professional development opportunities to the Third Sector. 
  • To maintain consultative and co-operative relationships with other top tier organisations serving the third sector as well as government and the news media.

We are a registered charitable trust (CC49299).

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