William Buck Christmas Gouwland

Expert accounting for non-profits

William Buck Christmas Gouwland is a dynamic and renowned Chartered Accounting and Business Advisory firm that has been established for over 100 years.

William Buck Christmas Gouwland is a multi-disciplined Australasian firm capable of offering a complete range of Professional Services. 

Accounting issues faced by non-profit entities are unique. William Buck Christmas Gouwland's vast experience working with a large range of non-profit clients means they work with you to find solutions to your accounting and audit challenges.
As well as some of the largest church groups in Auckland, William Buck Christmas Gouwland works with the Catholic Diocese of Auckland, many National Bodies (incorporated societies), including the Early Childhood Council, and well established sports clubs. 

William Buck Christmas Gouwland is also the auditor of the NZARCT and have provided us with great service and advice including the upcoming once-in-a lifetime changes in the financial reporting framework. Due to be formalised the new framework will need to be implemented by most non-profit entities in New Zealand. The historical Financial Reporting Standards in New Zealand will cease to exists, as well as the ‘Special Purpose’ framework.

Here to help you navigate through these significant changes and your accounting and audit needs we invite you to contact Darren Wright or a member of his team directly on 09 366 5000 or view their contact details on their website.