Key note speaker and masterclass workshop presenter, Lisa Morton Brown

Lisa Brown Morton, President and Chief Executive Officer, leads Nonprofit HR Solutions (NPHRS), a US-based company with more than 20 years of human resources experience.

Since 2000, Lisa and her team have worked exclusively with the nonprofit sector, generating results for nonprofit organisations. Lisa’s firm provides human resources consulting and outsourcing services. NPHRS also conducts an annual survey of nonprofit employment practices in the United States; manages a scholarship designed to increase the HR capacity of nonprofits; and runs a one of a kind national conference (Nonprofit Human Resources Conference) dedicated to meeting the professional development needs of nonprofit human resources leaders in North America. 

With an enviable record of experience in designing and implementing a broad range of highly successful human resources programs and policies tailored to the specific needs and cultures of nonprofit organisations, Lisa and her team’s area of expertise include:

  • Organisational culture, 
  • Employee relations, 
  • Human resources, 
  • Policy development, 
  • Staffing and recruitment and 
  • Benefits plan design and management. 

Find out how you can increase quality and efficiency and reduce costs without ever losing sight of your true purpose. 

To keep up with Lisa, she is available on the following channels:


Masterclass workshop presenter, John Bellamy

John’s mission is to share his knowledge through re-educating non-profit organisations on effective talent acquisition and the importance of aligning one’s personal and organisational values in the recruitment process.

Everything John does, he believes is about challenging the status quo and the way non-profits recruit talent. Utilising his experience from the corporate world, he is on a mission to become a change-maker for non-profits and their struggle to identify and recruit awesome talent.

Through speaking, conducting seminars, coaching and consulting he assists nonprofit CEOs, EOs, Hiring Managers and Candidates find their true passion. He then helps them communicate this when hiring new team members or looking for their next career step within the NGO sector.

Founding Not For Profit Recruitment (NFPR) in 2010, he immediately set about taking a unique approach to assisting employers and employees achieve their goals. He has an enviable knowledge, passion and experience of people, recruitment systems and the nonprofit sector. He has coupled this with his desire to save non-profit organisations time and money when recruiting, leading him to develop what he believes is one of the best recruitment methods for non-profits.

Workshop presenter, Bice Awan

Bice is Chief Executive of Skylight, the first organisation in New Zealand to focus specifically on the multifaceted impact that change loss and grief has on children young people and their families. Bice’s past experience encompasses over 30 years of broad-based involvement in the public, private and consulting sectors in the UK, Canada and New Zealand. The environment of health and disability has been an area where she has worked extensively not only as Director of Rehabilitation in a 2,500 bed-teaching hospital in Canada but also in senior roles in industry, community agencies and rehabilitation/compensation systems both in Canada (Ontario Worker’s Compensation Board) and ACC in New Zealand.

In terms of governance roles, Bice has been a Mental Health Commissioner for over 3 years and is also on the Board of the Wellington SPCA

Bice holds a BA (Com) from Strathclyde University, Scotland, BA(Hons) Health Studies York University, Canada and an MBA (Health Option) from Massey University.

Workshop presenter, Jenny Magee

Jenny Magee specialises in supporting organisations around diversity, volunteer engagement and governance. With a strong background in adult education and the community sector, Jenny is an independent coach, trainer, speaker and writer.

Jenny has spent more than 25 years immersed in community organisations - managing, growing and supporting large diverse volunteer teams. Her training programmes - in-house and with both Volunteering Waikato and Volunteering Auckland are practical and popular. A highly experienced governance volunteer, Jenny currently serves on the council of Age Concern Hamilton.

Fascinated by difference, Jenny has spent a lifetime learning about diversity, both personally and professionally. From teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), to managing multicultural teams, to training professional interpreters, she has a wealth of real-world experience, knowledge and awareness of cultural diversity.

Jenny is the creator of Conversity- cards to spark conversations about diversity. (www.conversity.co.nz). She is also editor of the 5th edition of New to New Zealand - Ethnic Communities in Aotearoa: A Handbook (2011).

Jenny is a proven authority:
  • Planning a volunteer programme
  • Managing risk with volunteers
  • Recruiting & retaining volunteers
  • Building staff - volunteer relations
  • Supervising & supporting volunteers
  • Volunteer recognition & appreciation
  • Governance mentoring
  • Intercultural communication
  • Communicating through interpreters

To learn more about Jenny, visit www.jennymagee.com

Case study presenter, Anna McNaughton

Anna is the Learning and Development Manager at St John. She is an experienced trainer and coach with over 20 years of experience training people of all ages and background. She has incredible energy and wealth of knowledge and worked in a wide range of organisations from small not for profits to large organisations. Anna has developed training and development resources in a range of areas and is a well-respected trainer and coach.

Whilst Anna’s career started in Mental Health, Justice and Voluntary sectors, she has also worked as a Project Manager, Management Consultant and Corporate Trainer. Anna has been a senior practitioner with managerial responsibilities in health services in New Zealand and Australia and has provided manager development to many organizations in New Zealand. She is experienced in providing corporate training in both the boardroom and on the factory floor.

Anna's sense of humour and love of life provides that added dimension to leadership and management development. She knows how to work with people and how to help people get the most out of themselves and others.

Anna holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Services, Graduate Certificate in Career Development and recently completed her Graduate Diploma in Higher Education She is also a Master NLP Practitioner, so “walks the talk” in ensuring that development of people starts with yourself.

Tina Reid

Tina is the Executive Director of Social Development Partners, an active national network of community organisations in New Zealand, working to strengthen the capacity and influence of the community sector. They have been an active advocacy and networking agency in the community sector for over 40 years, under their previous name as the NZ Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations.

Social Development Partners has a diverse membership across a wide range of welfare, education health and community services. They are involved in communications, capacity building and advocacy on generic issues with a range of partner organisations.

For the last five years the have been an active partner in the Workplace Wellbeing project, which aims to improve employment relations in the community sector. This project has run over 40 workshops on effective employment relations for community organisation, and developed a resource kit Mana Mahi as guide for good practice on employment issues.

Tina comes from a community development background, and has worked in a number of volunteer, governance and paid roles in a number of voluntary organisations as well as a Community Development Advisor at both Wellington City Council and the Department of Internal Affairs.

She is passionate about the role of the sector as an equal partner with Government and the business sector in managing change and finding solutions to social needs and issues.

Josh Levent

Josh Levent is a rising thought leader on engaging youth for positive impact. For the past 6 years Josh has been working with AIESEC, the world’s largest organisation run entirely by young people. AIESEC seeks to empower young people for peace and fulfillment of humankind's potential. Currently Vice President for Organisational Development at AIESEC New Zealand Josh leads the Incoming Exchange department which brings students and recent graduates from all over the world to work in New Zealand organisations and volunteer in New Zealand charities.

Josh believes that developing globally-minded, entrepreneurial, young leaders is integral to creating a sustainable world. Josh attempts to further this aim by acting as a role model, having lived in 5 countries, attended 3 global congresses of young leaders (each with individuals from more than 100 different countries present), and started his own social business, all at the young age of 23.

As a speaker Josh attempts to blend the crafts of story-telling and facilitation helping his audiences come to their own conclusion by grappling with powerful outside-the-box ideas.